Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Goodbye 1st Grade - What Mommy Learned

I wish I could tell you that we were done with school and ready to kick summer into full swing - sadly that is not the case. I have been the target of a "con" - you may have fallen victim to it in your homeschool from time to time as well - it sounds something like this "Mommy - can I do these sheets later?" spoken so sweetly with that blue eyed freckle face pleading for all it's worth. There are times when resistance is futile - so we have a little more to do before we put 1st grade to rest. Wonder Boy may have won this round - but I have learned much this year and he better come at me with more than sparkling eyes and toothless grins next year - this Mommy Teacher isn't budging an inch next year. If it's on my lesson plan for the day it is getting done by golly !! Ok - I don't completely believe myself either - tee hee - BUT- I will not let it slip as far. I mean look what I'm up against - these are powerful little puppies!! So with just a little bit of work to finish I am so looking forward to summer vacation - we are going to do some F-U-N stuff at our house this year!! We are going to clean out closets, paint rooms and re-organize our school set up - Wonder Boy is a very blessed child - what a shame there are no siblings to share in the joy!! I really do have big plans to get organized for the year ahead so that we are ready for even greater successes in 2nd Grade. At long last I have my curriculum decisions firmly in place and am ready to go forward - all I have to do is get organized. Oh and work on my book - yes I am working on a book - how's that for accountability posting it on my blog? Stay tuned on that one....once all the painting is done, files are filed, lesson plans prepared and pencils organized and sharpened, oh and I finish my book, I plan to have some quality Mom & Wonder Boy time.

We are currently "living like no one else so later we can live like no one else" so our summer fun is going to consist of lots of creativity and good ole fashioned frugal fun. Wonder Boy loves crafts and artsy pursuits that we don't always have time for - we shall paint and sing and play this summer, we shall laugh and dance in the rain (in fact today my neighbors if they happened to be looking probably confirmed their suspicions about the weird homeschool family when Wonder Boy & I were out in the front yard as a rather nasty storm was moving in circling our beloved birch tree like 2 carefree airplanes - complete with sound effects) and on the rainy days when we choose to stay dry - there is the Free Family Film Festival - does it get any better than that???

Now - I personally would not recommend every movie in the summer line up - but there are a few that I hope hit on rainy days. Take a look and mark the site - just in case you get your closets get finished early likemine are going to !!

Here's wishing you and yours a summer filled with fun, laughter, memories and just the right amount of accomplishment.

In Him,


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The Young's said...

Can we come to your house this summer!! I LOVE your outlook!! It sounds like SO much fun!!! My approach to summer is "CRAP....now what am I going to do??!?!? My schedule is getting turned upside down, we have NO money for activities OR gas...and I'm just plain tired!!" I sound like a great mom, don't I? :) Your summer outlook sounds like so much more fun!!! Maybe we'll see you at the movies or something!!!! Hope you have a great week!
Love ya,

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