Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Breakfast For Two / Breakfeast Pour Deux

We had a lovely little(petite) breakfast this morning I just had to share with you because it was so much fun and I would not ever want to be a fun hog!! First of all, we started French the other day and what fun we are having - my poor little boy - French with a southern accent is going to be a little bit of a challenge. I took French all through school growing up in Canada that is just what you do ;-) So this is a refresher course for me and I pray I am able to impart some of the pronunciation that I was always good at in my younger days - I am a little rusty and a little southern myself at the moment but have no fear I will parlez vous francais like an old pro in no time!! OK - on to the breakfast. This was our last morning alone - we pick The Principal up in just a few short hours (WOO HOO - I have missed him terribly and have been praying and thinking about all the wonderful things that he contributes to our lives - just by way of a side note - hee hee), so anywho, I wanted to make this morning some special Mommy & Wonder Boy time. I had a DVD that I borrowed from the library yesterday with several of Robert McCloskey's books on it - Make Way for Ducklings, Blueberries for Sal and several other classics and I wanted to make a living room friendly breakfast that we could nibble while we watched the DVD. I saw this somewhere in my travels and really don't remember where, but it was in the memory banks somehow and I was able to retrieve it this morning to make for a lovely and memorable time for Mother (la mere) and son (le fils).

This gastronomical delight included red (rouge) and green (vert) grapes as well as fresh peaches, cheddar cheese chunks, golden delicious apple and raspberry yogurt for dipping. This would also be great for lunch, with veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, nuts, dried fruits - the possibilities are limited to your imagination only. It would be a fun way to put salad toppings on the table so everyone could customize their own salad - kind of like a portable salad bar. This idea would also lend itself well to picnics - all kinds of great little munchies would work great in here! I'm thinking if such a thing as a pretty muffin pan exists and I'm sure it does this would be a fun way to serve appetizers at a casual type gathering - but what I think would be wonderful, really is ice cream toppings for your next ice cream sundae party - not only will you win favor with the party theme but you get extra points for cute presentation!! Just a thought or two - these things swim around in my brain and every once in a while I need to release some pressure - that done I feel better !! Please share any muffin pan plans that you may have - no telling the creative, wonderful ideas that are out there and because of this post I now have some room for more!

Bon Appetite !



The Young's said...

you are so stinkin creative!!!! I haven't any ideas...but it gives me a great train of thought!!! I think you are doing an amzing job with homeschooling! You're such an inspiration!!! So glad the principle is coming home!! Whoo Hoo!!!
Love ya,

Jenny said...

You are making me hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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