Thursday, April 2, 2009

I can't believe I made butter !!!

It's getting scary at my house.....I am spending more and more time in the kitchen and becoming braver in my "I can make that myself" thinking. As a direct result of this ever growing "Kitchen Power" ......I made butter !! Real butter from real milk - how cool is that ? The Principal just smiles and shakes his head at my culinary adventures - but I know he secretly digs it! He told me a while back that he never would have thought he would marry a "root hugger" but now that he now finds himself married to one and loving it. He is a "root hugger" too - he just needs a little more coaxing than I did. Wonder Boy is right there with us asking what can be recycled and continually coming up with incredibly complex and random ways to re-purpose items that have reached the end of their intended life.

As a family we are learning and growing in our desire to become more self sufficient and live a more sustainable lifestyle - what we have fondly come to call our "root hugger" ways ;-) I am defintely the ring leader in many areas but I am not alone. Stay tuned, I have vegetable rennet in the fridge for cheesemaking and I'm not afraid to use it......oh and then there is the rain barrel adventure - it's raining now and we are loving it - but more on that later ;-)

Learning as I go,



Buffi said...

Ok...are you doing rain barrels on the house? We are SO wanting to do that. We feel that need to become more self-sufficient...but we are SO FAR from it. Thinking and talking about it is as far as we've gotten. But we DO feel like we need to do something. Who KNOWS where this ole'world is going!!!! We were going to do square foot gardening...but it's pushing it now. Anyway...kudos to you for doing your own butter!!! That's great!!! We're looking at stock piling in the garage!! (hee hee) No...I'm serious!! We'll see how it goes!! Gotta go! Have a great weekend!
Love ya!
Miss you too!

Jessica G said...

I've got a recipe at my house for butter too!!! I need to just buckle down and do it. I'm glad I actually know someone that's actually done it and it turned out so great!!


{ jamie } said...

We have a rain barrel, but intend to make more. And hurray for your butter! We're trying to do more things like that as well. ♥

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