Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank You Father For My Son.......

Laura at HeavenlyHomakers.com hosts a weekly feature called Gratituesday that I have decided it is high time I participated in. I have been blessed in so many areas of my life and truly am grateful for the abundant blessings I have - so here is my first contribution to what I hope will be many Gratituesdays to come ;-)
This morning Wonder Boy is at VBS, it is very quiet here now, but before he left he wanted to read to me......he read 2 books to me , Mama Loves You by Carloine Stutson and Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I have read both of these to him many many times since he was a wee thing, but now he's a big boy and reading to me - needless to say I slobbered all over myself as he read Love You Forever - that book made me cry before I had a son - now - well - forget it resistance is futile!!
I am so grateful and my heart is filled to overflowing today for all the precious treasures that my Heavenly Father gave me when He blessed me with a son ;-)

Mama most surely does Love You Wonder Boy -
Bushels and Bunches XOXOXOXOX

Learning as I go,


Lisa Laree said...

I bought I Love You Forever when Rachel and David were little; sat down and just started reading it outloud to them the day we got it. As the story progressed, and Mother was stalking her son, I was rolling my eyes to myself thinking this was the stupidest story written.

But the last four pages jerked the rug out from under me and I barely managed to whisper the last few lines...and the kids didn't understand why I was suddenly crying.

It would've been nice to be warned.

Oh, I made up a tune to the song and it became one of our standard lullabies. ;)

Leisha said...

We sing it too!!! I wonder how our version and yours would compare ??

Chase Creek Photography said...


Wow, His eyes are so lit up and so filled with peace. You are doing something right!! I love you!!

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