Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Memory

The date stamp on the camera is wrong because Wonder Boy wasn't born until 2001 - but when I came across this picture today - I was instantly back on the porch where it was taken and I could smell the sweet rain on the flower with my little wonder he stole my heart, sweet butterball cheeks and all.........

Learning as I go,



Jessica G said...

Oh this brought tears to my eyes. He looks so much like the Connor of today even though he is so little.

What a wonderful boy and precious momma. :)

Tree of Life said...

Me too Jess. I'm just a teary eyed mess. Thanks a lot Mama Leisha.

Jenny said...

Oh my....this could be my most favorite pic of you guys. LOOK at those sweet cheeks - HOW PRECIOUS!!!! Almost made me teary!! This pic reminds me of Samuel when he was about 2.:) They are such a gift, thank you GOD:)

I love you Mama Leisha~!

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