Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Remember Me?

Well, well, well, she lives!! I have no single good reason for my extended absence. The best I can honestly offer is these four simple letters when combined explain a whole lot....L-I-F-E.

In any case, I have felt the stirring recently to take up keyboard and re-connect with you - so here I be.

How are you? What have you been doing? PLEASE leave a comment and let me know you came by! I have a desire to make some changes and breath some new life into this place of mine here and I really would love your input. What do you want to see when you visit? I have an amazing story to share about a personal victory but that is not something I am prepared to do today....soon.

There are all kinds of adventures going on around here as usual. We have baby bluebirds!!! Some of you may remember the beautiful blue eggs of a spring now past and the sad fate that they met.....well God is faithful and as Matthew 6:26 teaches us - He cares for all living things. It has been a joy to watch these sweet birds build their nest, lay their eggs and now we are enjoying the symphony of little ones as they are fed continually all day long.

We are within days of finishing 3rd Grade - it has been a rough year ! I recently attended a homeschool convention not too far from home and was so blessed and encouraged with some timely words and fellowship. I feel so ready and equipped to begin planning 4th Grade now I almost hate to take a summer break - I did say almost. I met some wonderful homeschool Mom's at the conference, one of whom I see has already stopped by for a visit ! You know who you are ;-) It was a real pleasure meeting and talking with you and I would love to stay in touch but as I was not forward thinking enough to get your information please make sure you send it my way. I want to come and visit you too!!

So, back to the task at hand - tell me what you want - encouragement, homeschooling, cooking, crafting, daily life, how to's, sustainable living, frugal living - do tell !! Input, ideas - bring it on!!

I have missed this point of connection and look forward to re-establishing it.

Learning as I go,



Marsha said...

I just emailed you! Then came over here and saw your post. Cool! Hope you have a great week.

Thandi said...

Some of us have no mommy groups like the ones overseas so ANYTHING you say, not hiding the 'down side' of this homeschooling thing would be so appreciated.I sometimes feel like maybe I'm crazy to feel so tired,so alone,so in need of space..It would be great to know what other mommies are truly experiencing. Yes I know God is my strength but I wonder if other moms need Him as much as I do.

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