Thursday, March 31, 2011

Glitches, a Sign and TMI

I have missed you!!! I have been lost in a tangle of computer problems that have had me pretty much locked out of my own blog. I hesitate to claim a return just yet(this post is far from posted) as I am still using the same offending laptop and if I don't stand on my left foot and tilt to the right while humming Amazing Grace I am not sure I can post successfully. The good news is there is talk of a shiny new 'if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy' purchase in the future ;-) And.....speaking of purchases.....guess what is in our front yard??

Can you believe it?? I can't! It seems like we have talked about it for so long that it probably would never really happen. We have zero prospects that we are really leaning toward so without a doubt this will be the house that God provides. This is as it should be and truly I would not have it any other way! Now if you are in our area and know of a piece of property, you could be used of God to lead us that way perhaps so feel free to contact me.

Now that the update of sorts is taken care of I thought I would try something a little different today. As an avid blog reader I really enjoy getting to know the women behind the blogs I read - who they are, what they do, where they came from, that kind of thing. I certainly do not flatter myself to claim the status of being an overly interesting person, however, I do think we all have something that is worthy of sharing that on some level is of interest to others and so in that spirit I want to tell you a little more about me. Here's how I think this may work....I will get it started and you dear readers are invited to question me about anything your little hearts desire. I am typically a forthcoming person so I will not place any limits on the questions, I will however state a right of refusal if it may cause harm or discomfort to others.
Let's begin then shall we? I am 46 years old, I know I don't look it or act it most of the time, but it's true - I will turn 47 in October. I was born and raised in Toronto and moved to Alabama in 1994. I am a Southern Girl - Toronto is located in Southern Ontario, just a few hours from the US border in case you were unsure ;-) In my misspent youth there, I once touched a Bay City Roller outside of CHUM Radio in a mob when I was crushed up against the limo they were there leaving in....for those who are interested it was Les (who just happened to be my favorite...check out his site he is still around!!). He stuck his finger out of a crack at the top of the car window - I promptly passed out and made the front page of the paper that evening, tartan clad and happy.

Several years ago - about 4ish I began a journey to live a more traditional life. Why? God was leading me that way is all I have by way of explanation, it certainly was not the way I was raised. In the time that has passed between then and now I have acquired some skills and there are now things that I will never do the way I used to. I very very rarely buy store bought bread of any kind. My first piece of equipment/traditional living tool was a grain mill and there has been no looking back. I have made some down right awful bread over the years, but those loaves made bread crumbs or croutons and I moved on. I seldom have crouton bread now unless there is a nub of a loaf on the stale side and then it becomes a good candidate. I would never b-u-y croutons either! I also make yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk, vanilla, ketchup, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, laundry soap, deodorant, soap, and the list goes on. I have begun growing and harvesting herbs and have been playing around with making teas and home remedies and using the herbs to scent and 'flavor' our soaps. There are so many homemaking skills that I want to pursue and will, one by one. I have boxes of old clothes (blue jeans and dress shirts mostly) that will with some favor become a quilt for our home in the country. I have also saved many of Wonder Boy's sweet little boy jeans and t shirts with the intention on making a quilt for him as well.
I struggle with my flesh daily and am so far from the woman that God has called me to be, that it is only when I reflect on where He has brought me from and how by His Grace Alone that I am where I am and blessed to be who I am doing what I am doing that I can find the stamina to not give up several times a day. There are plenty of stories that have woven together the tapestry that has become my testimony along the way.
In the interest of not prattling on too long. I will end here for now. Please leave a comment with your questions for me of email me if you prefer. I will continue to stand on my left foot and tilt and pray that I can find a way to get your answers to you!

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