Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Have to Ask......Did You Know?

This past Saturday I had my hair done, I came away with more than a new do and happy roots. I left with knowledge that has somehow evaded me for almost 47 years!! I cannot keep this little nugget to myself, but it's more than that....I have to know -did you know this?? I did a little research of course and aside from earning 8 swagbucks I came up empty, not a single website that I visited said a thing about it...I was beginning to think this was not accidental!
The story goes something like this....Jill was just about done with me and giving me a once over when she noticed a little more highlighting than she was happy with on the top of my head, so she double dipped a few strands and I hung out in the corner to cure while she started with her next client. They caught up on the obligatory how is the family things and somehow the conversation led to OCD behaviors, I sat quietly (I really did) and followed along. Talk of the tag in the bottom left corner entered the conversation and I had NO clue what they were talking about, but apparently, they both had tag in the bottom left corner issues?? Ok....inquiring minds and all - I HAD to ask....they looked at me a little confused and said - on the fitted sheet. OK...??? Well apparently, the way to ensure that your bed is properly made is to place the corner of the fitted sheet that has the tag on it, on the bottom left corner of the bed. I had never given this even a fleeting thought, not to mention I probably didn't know for sure that a tag even existed on a fitted sheet to begin with never mind where it should be located. I was a little surprised to think that this was common enough knowledge that 2 women on the same day at the beauty shop could bond over an OCD related tendency!? So when I changed out my bedding yesterday I looked and sure enough, there was a tag there!! Would you like to guess where I positioned it? Bingo - bottom left it was, because of course I now had the inside scoop don't you know!
The more I thought about this the more I wondered - was I supposed to know this? I was not reared in a domestically ideal setting so getting this nugget there was unlikely, but still....then it occurred to me that perhaps this is a Southern Thing and I had entered the inner sanctum by nothing but blind luck - you know while curing quietly in the corner ;-)
I cannot tell you all the trouble this could have saved me over the years if only I had known - I am not keeping this to myself....I will tell anyone who will listen and feel blessed to save even one the frustration of the 'did I get it on right the first time' guessing game that I have been plagued by for so many bed making years!
Ladies, I beseech you, tell your daughters, tell your sons, your neighbors, this secrecy must stop! Mention it at your next Bible Study, Girls Night Out or even during a casual phone conversation - do it without fear!
So, I have to ask.....did you know and if so, who told you?
Just one last thing....is it the bottom left when facing the bed or laying in it?


Lisa Laree said...

Well, since I made my own sheets there are no tags on them...and I remember my grandmother carefully slitting her sheets up the middle and turning them w/the lesser worn edges to the middle and lap seaming them to get more wear (although I don't remember them being fitted sheets), so I don't think she would've said anything about tags to me anyway... ;)

Thanks for the smile!

Leisha said...

made your own sheets....hmmm....I rather like that idea....you know for all my free time!!

Jess said...

I did know this, but I thought it was just something my grandmother did, not that it was a rule of thumb. Glad to know she wasn't just making something up. :) It's the left corner of the bed if you're IN the bed. So if you're looking at the bed it would be the bottom right corner. Enjoy your new OCD tag thingy. :)

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