Saturday, February 9, 2008

100th Day of School

We recently celebrated our 100th day of 1st Grade !! Wonder Boy had really been looking forward to it and since this was my first time dealing with it I was a little unsure of what to do. I over planned and probably won't have to prepare anything else until he starts High School now, but we had such a wonderful day that I wanted to share it.......

The day began with Opening Ceremonies - what kind of "Whiteboard Mom" would I be without a little opening whiteboard ceremony........Wonder Boy awoke to the annoucement bright and early that this was the 100th day of school !We started the day off with Science by putting 1oo ice cubes in a dish and "guesstimating" where the water line would be when they melted. It took until dinner to get that mystery solved but Wonder Boy was not too far off ;-)

The we moved on to Art with The Great Paper Chain Event - this was good fun - took a little longer than I had anticipated and it was certainly much longer than I had thought it would be - from the bottom of the stairs all the way up and halfway into one of the bedrooms!! What a chain it was - we liked it so much I have it hung up in the office until it gets too faded or dusty to continue to bring any pleasure ;-)

By this point in time we were a little peckish and decided it was time for Math with The 100 Day Trail Mix Extrodinaire Project - we built ourselves a bag of yummies with ten each of ten items - quite nice - all healthy too except for the chocolate chips and there were only 10 afterall!!
We geared down for the day with a History lesson about what was taking place in Alabama 100 years ago. Our final subject of the day was P.E. when we headed out of the house to see how far 100 steps took us from our home both by walking, running and just counting to 100 and walking.
And that was our day - great fun and a nice change of pace - I can't imagine not being able to homeschool - the Lord is blessing us so much in our efforts and we are continuing to celebrate wonderful successes as we journey with Him.
The Lord Bless You & Keep You,


The Young's said...

What a wonderful, creative teacher you are!!! Great job girl!! Just goes to show me...I was NOT meant to homeschool! (hee hee) I am so not creative!!! Love your ideas. You are FULL of them!!! Wonderboy is definitely blessed to be at home! Have a great weekend!!
love ya,

ChristInUsAlways said...

What a great day you guys had! I am with Buffi, what fantastic creativity! You should be very proud of yourself girl! Tell ConnorBug that we love him! We are having a great Saturday! I even posted my first blog! Woo Hoo! You will have to check it out! I love you girl! Kelly

Thandi said...

Over-planning.You need to give me some of that energy!!

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