Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meatball Alert

Before I go any further I just want to know - has anyone ever been warned that making meatballs could be dangerous ? I have been racking my brain and accessing the "meaty" file on kitchen rules - do's and don'ts and have not been able to locate any meatball information whatsoever!! I guess this should make me feel better that I did not blatantly disregard any long standing kitchen wisdom - however let me officially enter this one into to record books for the generations of young women to come - never make meatballs while talking on the phone.
Ok - now - let me tell you what happened - yesterday after Wonder Boy and I finished lunch I began preparation for dinner - I was trying a new recipe from this amazing cookbook that I have made about 10 or so recipes from and every single one of them has been great - but I digress - rabbit trail be gone - ooh no - the ADHD is contagious??!! SO I was prepping the meatballs to load them up in the crock pot when the phone rang. Wonder Boy was taking a break upstairs while I got dinner going so I actually has a few minutes to catch up with a friend. We were chatting and I had the phone cradled on my shoulder and held in place with my ear and head crooked to the side - you know the position. I was happily giggling, chatting and rolling out cute little porcupine meatballs, when all of a sudden I must have put a little too much twist in my rolling and I wrenched my back!! The pain was instant and awful!! I could not take a deep breath or move very easily at all - I set the phone down and tried to stretch it out - nothing. Needless to say I got off the phone and finished the rolling process with much more care and attention. I was in pain!! After an hour or so things had not improved at all and I called the woman I teach with at church on Wednesday nights to let her know I was not going to be there. I got a long hot shower and that felt better while I was in it but it really didn't provide any lasting affects. So I stayed home and took it easy last night while the men folk went to church - I watched bad tv (I have to remember to repent for that today - wife swap!! puhleeze!!) and lounged on the sofa. When the boys got home I made us a mug of hot chocolate and we went outside to watch the lunar eclispe - sadly there were too many clouds for us to see much. I was not able to get much comfort in bed and this morning although it feels a little better I still am in some discomfort and pain if I am not cautious in how I move.
Ladies, in the spirit of Titus 2 I feel it my duty to encourage you in one of the little know facets of kitchen safety - meatballs are serious business!! Give them your full attention and range of motion - unless of course you are equipped with a Blue Tooth........;-)

By the way - the Porcupines were pretty good.
One last thought - nothing normal ever happens to me by the way - stay tuned !!
In His Care,

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The Young's said...

Ok...I am CRACKIN up!!! I can just picture it!!! I'm so sorry you're hurting. You can guarentee I won't be making any meatballs soon. I am such a slacker when it comes to cooking anyway...I'll just buy the meatballs if I use them!! :) I need cooking help!! I am SO not good at it...and I SO do not know anything else to cook other than taco/mexican stuff or spaghetti stuff. Maybe a couple of casseroles and that's it. My poor family. I need to go to a cooking class!! I'm praying for a speedy recovery!!!
Love ya,

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