Friday, August 22, 2008

Adventures with Paddle-to-the-Sea

We are using 3 different Holling C. Holling books this year as part of our 2nd Grade Geography. Our first adventure begins with Paddle to the Sea - we are loving this one and imagine my delight and Wonder Boy's excitement when I stumbled on this great looking "Paddle" look a like - last one , on clearance at Target a few weeks ago!! I love a great find - but it's hard to beat a great find at a great price!! We promptly made the necessary adjustments to our beloved Paddle as you can see - it worked out pretty dog gone well.

I don't know about the rest of you homeschool Mom's but let me tell you - this was a big coupe for me. We are really enjoying the story, while learning about the Great Lakes and Northern Regions of North America- Wonder Boy gets a little history thrown in by yours truly as the story begins in Canada, and being the son of a Canadian transplanted in the Southern US there are things he ought to know - so I am getting my time and money's worth out of dear sweet Paddle. The next adventure takes us to Holling's book Tree in the Trail - any suggestions would be most welcomed ;-)
Blissfully Homeschooling Today,


Jessica G said...

That was a great find. I'm sure your little man is eating that up!!! I hadn't heard of the book either, is that part of a homeschool package? I'm wonderring if my little man wouldn't like something like that when he's a wee bit older. I think it's great that you take pictures of this stuff and post it. I love it!!!

The Young's said...

Ok...once again, you just amaze me girl! You were MEANT to be homeschooling!!! You're awesome at it!! :) LOVE the paddle boat!!! Miss ya!

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