Monday, December 1, 2008

One More Thankful Thing.......

I know, I know, I am in denial !! It's time to prepare for Christmas....ok and I will BUT - before I forge forward - I just have one last thing to share. Wonder Boy is all about a party - the planning, the decorating, anything that he can contribute on a crafty or creative level - count him in! He did a great job coloring this pilgrim gal this past week during our mini unit study about the Pilgrims, the Mayflower and the roots of Thanksgiving. He really enjoyed learning about how the Pilgrims lived and about the Wampanoag Indians, but of course we had to "make" something that we could share - that is the most important part of the planning - there has to be a gift or a card or food of some kind to share with others ( I love his heart!!).....SO...we made these yummy Pilgrim Hats that Wonder Boy was able to take to his Dad's house and share with their family while he was there over the weekend. They were great for The Principal and I as well ;-) They are really good slightly cold from the fridge by the way!! OK - I'm ready now - look out Christmas here I come!
Learning as I go,

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Jessica G said...

The kids and I made the same thing but with a different spin. We used the shortbread fudge cookies, turned upside down. Then I dotted each in the middle with chocolate frosting, then they stuck an upside down mini-peanut butter cup on them and then I dotted the back of an orange chicklet gum square and they stuch that on for the 'buckle' of the hat. It's so fun to do things like that. Do you have an idea of how to change it into a christmas treat? Please share if you do. I'm trying to work it out myself. :)

He's a precious treasure with a wonderful heart.


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