Thursday, December 4, 2008

Test Driving a New Coat

Does it get any better than getting a new coat one night and a snowfall the next morning when you are seven? Based on Wonder Boy's reaction I think not. We ordered a new coat for him from LL Bean which arrived over the weekend while he was visiting his Dad for Thanksgiving. You know the excitement of getting something delivered by the FedEx truck just for you when you are kid is almost uncontainable - well he had me checking the shipping status each day and when we realized that he would not be here when the coat arrived - well let's just say he was not thrilled. He asked us to please not open the coat and just leave the package for him on his bed - no problem son, done deal. SO....when his Dad brought him home on Sunday evening he was barely in the door before he ran upstairs to get his package and unveil his new coat. Great fit -looked sharp - now all he needed was some weather to take it for a spin and he was all set.
The following morning as we were finishing breakfast we were looking out the window and noticed the rain was getting solid looking - eureka!! MOM IT'S SNOWING!!!! CAN I GO OUTSIDE ????? Ok son, just for a few minutes we have to get started with school for the day (what an old stick in the mud I am I know - I grew up in Canada and really didn't understand how big of a deal this was at the moment - after all - it wasn't real snow). He was ready in a shot and out the door - he got as much snow as he could in the 17.43 minutes that it snowed and had the time of his life. He came in rosy cheeked and announced in no uncertain terms - "That is the most fun I have had in my seven years of life". Wow. If only I had known - I have access to snow and places to stay every winter - it's shameful - what kind of Mother am I?

3 in 1 from Coat LL Bean...............................$80.00
Snowfall from Heaven....................................Gift from Father God
Most Fun of Wonder Boys Life .....................Priceless

Learning as I go,


Lisa Laree said...

Wow. God sent it to your house just for Wonderboy...we had NOTHING like this on the other side of Jones Valley!

Leisha said...

I don't think they had it at the corner of our street like we did - God really does give us the desires of our heart !

bippity boppity becca said...

We didn't have snow like that hear!
I grew up in Indiana and we had snowsuits. I miss the snow and it's sad that our kids won't get to play in it all the time like we did. We did go up north a few years ago when they had a snowstorm in March. The kids loved it. (My mom went to Walmart and bought all the kids snow gear while we were driving up!)

The Young's said...

I LOVE IT!!!! God is so good!! I LOVE those pix too!! The one with his tongue sticking out is so cute!!!! Miss you!

Tree of Life said...

Mama Leisha, I love you! Your blogs bless me so. It just makes me miss our walks at the YMCA all the more.

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