Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Challenging Moms in May

In my continuing adventures poking around blog land, I found recently discovered a wonderful blog Extravagant Grace. eLisa is hosting a 28 day challenge this month for us Moms, based on The Love Dare principles to do a dare a day for 28 days challenging us to love our children in ways that bring the glory to our Father. I know I can benefit from the challenge and I am sure Wonder Boy (if he knew about it) would agree whole heartedly!! I am a few days last getting started, but I am operating on the premise that everything comes right on time - so join me won't you ? I dare you!!
Learning as I go,


eLisa said...

So glad you're jumping right in! And I'm glad to visit your blog, too!

Jessica G said...

Ok, I'll check it out and maybe jump on board. :)

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