Monday, May 4, 2009

Who Am I ??

Is that a loaded question or what?? I try daily to figure it out!! The Principal probably ponders it about his bride from time to time to I imagine ;-) Well ladies and gentlemen - today at The Well the plan is to get to know each other better - this is my contribution. For those coming from The Well - welcome - pull up a chair and make yourself at home - I'm Leisha, wife to The Principal and Homeschooling Mom to Wonder Boy who just turned 8 years old this past Friday. For those who frequent here from other parts you know the drill and may know some of the things that I am about to share but I hope that you too will learn some new things about me - and for that matter - take a few minutes to visit The Well and make some new friends too , from what I can gather they are a wonderful bunch of gals and so far none have bitten ;-)

So here now without further adieu in no particular order is a little bit of who I am.......

*I am a child of the Most High King
*I am an only child to my earthly parents - I have never met my earthly father and have been out of contact with my mom for several years now ( that's a whole series of posts)
*I love the rain and a good thunder storm is a wonderful thing - I find the rain romantic and poetic and love how God nourishes the earth by providing it
*I grind our flour and make our own bread and am continually striving to provide my family with healthy whole foods the way God created them
*I have been making yogurt for my family since the first of the year and will likely never buy store bought again
*I love to find ways to save money and be a good steward of the resources and provision which we are blessed with
*I don't sing well but I love to sing
*I took piano lessons as a child and don't remember much - I am hoping that some of it comes back to me as Wonder Boy begins lessons
*My favorite color is red
*My favorite perfume is Angel by Thierry Mugler - I know it has to smell like this in heaven - The Principal loves it too ;-)
*I married my prince- he is my best friend and truly the one that God had for me
*I have been married before - Wonder Boy is the blessing from that marriage - and a little wisdom too I suspect
*I like myself a little more with each passing year
*I want to write more
*I love books, reading them, having them around me and collecting them
*I have been blessed with a good portion of silly
*I have always wanted a Papillon but have never had the extra $600 + to own one
*I miss my Grandmother more as I age and wish she was here to teach me many things
*If I could have one wish granted it would be to be living on a small farm and spending my days growing closer to God as I care for my family
*I love aprons
*I enjoy old black and white and western movies
*I love being a homeschooling mom and being home to be constantly learning to be the wife that The Principal deserves
*After many many years of taking my coffee with cream and sugar I now drink it black
*I have to watch the amount of time I spend online reading blogs - hours get snatched away too easily sometimes
*I love trivia games
*I am planning on working toward getting better organized before we begin 3rd grade ( any wisdom or helpful resources are most welcomed!!)
* My favorite scripture is Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God
*I would love to go to Italy and Greece
*I love words
*I want to learn to sew more usefully, quilt, paint beautifully
*I love to listen to podcasts when I drive
*I love to cook
*I love to make people laugh
*I don't have to shave my legs often they just aren't hairy - I know I know....just lucky ;-)
*I count my friendships as blessings
*Frogs make me smile
*I have been delivered from an unnatural dependency to shoulder pads - PTL
*I am ticklish
*I love the smell of skunk
*I love to letterbox
*I want to be who God has called me to be so that I can truly say that is Who I Am !!
Hope you learned something - I would love to hear your reaction - please let me know you came by ;-)
Learning as I go,


Laurie Ann said...

I truly enjoyed learning more about you! Thanks so much for sharing.

Chelsey said...

Loved this and I especially love your "fun" side! :) Thanks so much for sharing a bit more about you today At The Well! :)

Anonymous said...

i so enjoyed this! i also am blessed to not need to shave often :)

Linda said...

Leisha, I enjoyed reading these things about you. I also caught up on some other posts while I was at it. You have some very good ideas on ways to save money and ideas for romantic times together.
I loved the gift you gave your hubby for your anniversary.

I liked your son's gift too. He is cute. I love how you enjoy home-schooling him.

You seem so full of life and spunk. I cracked up at the picture with the blue mask on your face. (smile)

I think it is good to be silly sometimes. I still do things like that sometimes and I am 58. (smile)

Well if you get a chance stop on over to my place. I have a poem posted today.

In His Love,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing!


Tree of Life said...

Mama Leisha,

You bless me, over and over again! We have much in common. I've never had to shave, love words, would like to sew more skillfully and I miss painting beautifully. As you know I am certainly silly... I love the rain, thunderstorms are my favorite and as for saving $ you are a woman after my own heart! Thanks for our lovely chat today. You are a treasure and I cherish your friendship. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you especially the blue mask pic! I'm still scratching my head over the skunk thing(-: Seriously?

Jessica G said...

I love aprons too!!!! I just wish you could find the old ones that Beaver Cleaver's mom use to wear we could so work that!!! I love you and your posts. You truly are beautiful inside and out and I think my mom was right about you and I when I was talking about you a few days ago. We really could have been great hippies if given the chance. :)


Leisha said...

I love you too - just one question - why can't we be hippies now? I'm up for it are you ?? I do have some apron patterns.....wanna come over??

Lisa Laree said...

You love the smell of skunk????

Yup, I learned somethin', all right!
Um, do you have a functional sewing machine? I can probably help some with that 'learn to sew' thing... ;)

Leisha said...

I know it's weird - and I guess I should qualify that somewhat - I don't want to be right up on top of it - but from a distance there is something I like....
Now as for the sewing - my machine works most of the time - when it does not I suspect it is operator error....when I get ready to jump into a project next I may just run it by you and make sure I am on track ;-) See you tonight.

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