Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prayer Box Sunday

Sunday, specifically our Prayer Box/Devotional time is quickly becoming a much anticipated and treasured time for our family. I can feel God weaving our hearts to Him and each other and it just blesses my socks off!! Really - I am honestly barefoot! If you are new here and would like to know about Prayer Box Sunday pop over here and get caught up.
We are really digging in to our current Family Devotional, Character Building for Families and have been enjoying digging deeper into God's word together each week. Three days seems to be a good schedule and is working well - if anything more would be better than less.
This week's prayers are focusing on WonderBoy more than anything else - I love how God orchestrates a theme of sorts each week! The Principal and I are both praying for WonderBoy. My prayer is for his future wife! Do you pray for your future sons/daughters in law? I have done this for years - after all she will be the woman who captures his heart and raises my grandchildren - she will be the woman to whom I hand over the baton in a sense ....and truthfully - I KNOW she will need my prayers!! Better to start now right? ;-) In all seriousness, I feel very strongly about this kind of prayer. God hears prayers from a mother's heart for her family and they can change future generations!! This is one of those prayers in the box that is a given in my opinion but at the same time a good reminder of how we can bless our family by paving the way for them in prayer.
The Principal has a rather fitting prayer task this week. A little background is necessary here. For those that do not know me and my family personally - we are a family brought together by God - The Principal became WonderBoy's Dad when we married 5 years ago. WonderBoy still maintains a relationship with his 'Daddy' however it has it's share of challenges and struggles for him. SO.....this week the Principal is praying for healing in the relationship that WonderBoy has with his 'Daddy' - how cool is that? One Dad blessing the other in prayer!!
WonderBoy is praying for a dear family who moved away from the area several years ago that we used to attend church with, The Beasley Family. Sending love and prayers to Kentucky this week for The Beasleys ;-)
Our family prayer this week is one close to my mother's heart. We are praying for Jeison. Jeison became a member of our family several years ago now when we began sponsoring him through Compassion International. Jeison is just 2 months younger than WonderBoy and lives in Columbia. We have been delighted by the relationship that has grown with him over the years. If you have ever considered sponsorship through Compassion or any other organization, let me encourage you to move forward with it, what a wonderful way to grow a heart for the nations in your own children, by reaching out and loving others around the world!!
Again this week you will find Mr. Linky available for you to link up your post if you feel so inclined. I have heard from a few of you that you are getting ready to join in - I will be so thrilled to have you share your Prayer Box adventures with us whenever you are ready.
Have a wonderful week......see you next Sunday!!

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Gina said...

Thanks for the encouragement to prayer! I needed to hear this today!

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