Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can You Help a Girl Out??

I need neighbor needs you.....her daughter was clearing out a junk drawer in the kitchen and came across this handy little device/tool/gizmo. She took it to her mother (my across the street neighbor who is a wise wise woman in her early 70's who could run circles around me with her knowledge of all things home and hearth) for identification purposes. They spent some time trying to figure it out and came up empty, then the other day when WonderBoy ran some bananas I had picked up for her while I was getting groceries, she sent him back with this......

I know one of you knows, maybe even has one in your kitchen drawer at this very moment. We have our theories and I am so curious to see if we were anywhere near right. I personally think it is a butter thingie for slicing and serving and the little notch on the end works to knock the butter slice off the blade and make serving easier. I know I have seen one of these somewhere, but cannot recall where or;-) My plan is to wrap it up and run it back across the street with what ever it needs to function and see if she can figure it out then. I'll keep you posted ;-) Oh and one last thing - her daughter 'thinks' it is an old Pampered Chef product if that helps......Thanks so much in advance! You're the best!!!


Leisha said...

I had an email from DeLinda telling me that this little itme is a cookie dropper...cookies have butter in them so I was not too far off!! Thanks so much DeLinda!!

Thandi said...

Ha ha ha

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