Monday, November 14, 2011

God's Wisdom For Mother's by Jack Countryman

The title of the book immediately got my attention - as a Mother I daily feel the sometimes overwhelming need for God's wisdom! I received a complimentary copy of this lovely little book through Booksneeze to review....It is what I would term a devotional/gift type book. It is small and compact, easy to pick up and pull nuggets from when you have a quiet moment, something to keep in the car, by the bed for a free minute or two of refreshing or encouragement opportunity presents itself. The book is divided into sections which include; God's Wisdom, The Crown of an Excellent Mother, God's Wisdom with Children, God Teaches a Mother to...., Walk by His Word, God Delights in Mothers Who Are..., God Walks with Mothers, God Encourages Each Mother to..., God Teaches a Mother How to..., and God Gives a Mother....Each section contains scripture that relates to the theme of the section, this could also be used as a study tool or daily devotional which is how I used it in going through the book and it worked well in that application for me.
Designed to encourage us in our spiritual calling of motherhood, this is a sweet tool to have at the ready and would make a lovely gift for mothers of all ages and stages!

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