Monday, June 4, 2012

We Interrupt This Blog.......

If you are here and if you are reading this, my thanks to you! I have been a completly shameful blogger for far too long now. Life seems to have consumed much of my time recently - can you imagine?? And truthfully, I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my blogging. I started up a new blog with a new plan and ran into one technical glitch after another and so I have done nothing on either one. The thing is I need to write and so as I figure out where and what I hope you will pop in and check on me and leave a comment if you feel led and help sway me in some kind of direction!!;-)
For now I will leave you with this....Life is busy, we are finishing 5th grade, doing our first formal testing this week - PASS. The Principal is taking his final test today in his 3rd class (yes he is back in school- everyone but me is getting a formal education!!Although I am probably learning more than both of them combined!!), the 2012 Spring gardening season has begun! We have planted blueberry bushes, grapes, strawberries, peppers, herbs o' plenty and, just yesterday I ordered from 2 seed catalogs and have all kinds of wonderful exotic beans and some herbs, cucumbers and squash coming!
WonderBoy is about to turn 11, is preparing to be baptized later this month and just began guitar lessons, oh and is only a few scant inches away from looking down at me!!
I am trying to be faithful to get some exercise and have been finding some pleasure (it is exercise afterall) walking with Leslie Sansone and her Walk at Home series. While I have not been blogging, I have been online some and have become a Pinterest junkie- sigh! Often heard at the dinner table in our house lately - "Is this a Pinterest meal?" Pause....Several Weeks Pass.......Resume The previous portion of this post was written almost 2 months ago and saved for review....I just reviewed it....really! So here is the update to the update as it were....I have come to the conclusion that the time is not now for the new blog.....later maybe but not now. I still need to write so I will do that here until the Lord leads me otherwise. Fifth grade is complete (insert Hallelujah chorus here) although we will work on finishing a few things that we began midway through the school year and would like to have completed before 6th grade begins - namely Language Arts Lifepacs. The results from the PASS tests came back a little over a week ago and the good news is I have not failed my child in educating him. He is doing just fine and while he iscored a little lower than we would have liked in one area he is reading and comprehending well above his grade level. If he can do this I am not at all concerned - besides which - he tests poorly - I have seen this time and time again. The Principal is one assignement away from complelting Business Communications - he has done so well in all his classes so far - straight A's - I am so proud of him! He sets a wonderful example for WonderBoy academically - and in so many other ways as well!! The garden is planted and growing - I would run out and take up to the moment photos right now to share with you but it is raining - oh how happy that will make all the beautiful things growing out there. Photos soon - ok? We have built several gardne structures that I will be happy to share with you in hopes that they may insprire or assist in your gardening efforts. So....that is where we are. I really just wanted to get something posted this morning - it being Monday and getting the week off to a good start, typically if I start well on Monday I see better success rates later in the week. I find it very difficult to publish a post without a photo or visual of some sort, so in the interest of satisfying my quirk...... I was inside getting dinner together one evening several weeks ago, WonderBoy was outside assaulting our blooming dogwood do you get angry? I chose to make it a teachable moment....lots of those around here. Life is Good! God is Good-er!!


Marsha said...

Welcome back! I've been wondering where you've been. I'm glad to hear all is well with you and yours.

Leisha said...

Thanks Marsha! Funny that you would be first to comment - you have been on my mind recently I was thinking that I needed to stop by your blog and visit a spell....see you there soon!

Thandi said...

I was beginning to think I'd somehow deleted your blog from my 'following' list and had no idea how to find it again.I didn't want to offend you by emailing and making you think I'd done it deliberately! Whew! Mind at ease now ;-)

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