Friday, January 4, 2008

ADHD & Psalm 139

As much as I dislike labels it simplifies things to say that Wonder Boy has ADHD. Now, having said that let me go on to say that although the letters "simplify" the explanation they certainly do not simplify living with ADHD. The past 3-4 years have been pretty challenging. We made the decision to become a one income family and homeschool primarily because of the challenges that Wonder Boy was having in school, but now, I believe that even if we felt he was able to handle a traditional school setting (which we do not) we would continue our homeschool journey! Wonder Boy's Pediatrician offered medication last year just before Christmas to help Wonder Boy succeed at school. We chose door number 2 - and just yesterday went to see the Pediatrician again a year later just to assess where we are and how we are doing. In the past year I have not discussed much with Wonder Boy about "ADHD" I feel like I do not want to offer him a ready excuse for poor behavior or lack of self control so until recently we had not spoke of it much in our home. Well, for some reason that I am not even now sure of, I feel that God has given me a release to use those letters in association with our situation - because you see - Wonder Boy does not have ADHD alone - it's a family thing. shorten the story a little - no meds were offered at this visit (my respect for the good Doctor has grown a measure) and he suggested a few different options, one of which was a counselor. Wonder Boy was with us of course and was privy to all the conversation that took place. This morning when Wonder Boy got up and came down to snuggle with me while I worked on my bible study I asked what he thought about the appointment yesterday - he only said that the Doctor did not ask him very many questions and he wanted to know what a counselor was.....our conversation meandered a little as it usually does and I turned to The Word to share with him what God says about his ADHD. I told him that there was not anything "wrong" with him, God made him the way he did for a reason and although we may not always understand why things happen the way that they do that we must Trust in God that He knows exactly what He is doing and that His ways are wonderful. I got my trusty NIV and read to him from Psalm 139 about how he is fearfully and wonderfully made, how God knit him together in my womb, I shared the picture that I always have of God's Mighty Hands knitting with the Yarn of Life and how God knew exactly what He wanted to create when He created Wonder Boy - he is just the way he is supposed to be!! It then hit me - we already had the Counselor we needed and could make an appointment with Him anytime !! Our insurance not BC/BS but the Blood of The Lamb would give us the access that we needed anytime of the day or night week days, weekends or holidays !! Can you even imagine how much of a burden that lifted from my Mommy shoulders ??!! I have made the mistake that so many of us frequently make (and this probably will not be the last time I make it) I was working to find all the answers on my own rather than turning it all over to our Father who created all that we are!! SO even though it is the 4th of January I am going to resolve to do something this year - turn to my Heavenly Father to help with the four letters that our family has been struggling with for several years now. He is my Wonderful Counselor, He will lead me where I need to go to help Wonder Boy live the life that he has been destined for since before he was created in the depths of the secret place. Why is it that what is so simple and so obvious is sometimes so impossible for us to see ? I know that God has a plan (Jer 29:11) for our family and for Wonder Boy in his adult life and I know that it is a great plan - so instead of worrying I will celebrate and enjoy the journey and the sights along the way.
Resting in His Goodness,


Darlene said...

Oh, I totally get this! I used to homeschool my son, and I had begun the journey with my daughter and her younger brothers too. I homeschooled for six years. But with my daughter, I didn't understand, I just felt like I was failing her as a teacher, and being confused, we decided to stop homeschooling and send them to school. Last year we had such a difficult time with my daughter--washing hands constantly, confused between reality and fear, and a compulsion to confess among other strange behavior. So we went to a Christian counsellor who told us that she had OCD. I was terrified after reading about some of the side affects, but I began to pray, "The peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your heart and mind." I layed hands on her often in her room and prayed those words. It was all I knew to pray. Remarkably after releiving all stress (even school for a time) she was healed of the OCD symptoms. We see them mildly from time to time, but I am at peace with it.

We also had the doctor test her learning during our visits and we found out that she had severe ADHD. What?! I was shocked. She was so quiet and well behaved, but she was on the opposite side, having innatentive ADHD. So many people have recommended medication, but although her grades are poor, I don't think that this is a mistake. I think that the things that make us weak also make us strong. We are purposefully created.

The Young's said...

I love that scripture! I will be praying for you and Wonder Boy!!! :) You're a great Mom and you are doing a wonderful job!! I'm so glad I have your blog now. Now...your blog can be a part of my Daily Dose!!! :)
Love ya,

The Young's said...

Ok...Ok....NOW I know you have a blog and I'm checking it daily!!! I need a new post!! :)
Love ya girl!!

newcreationart said...

I came across your blog through CWO's Live Well group.

I am touched by reading this post. I have worked for several years at a Christian camp for at-risk kids. You can check it out at The kids come free of charge, and we simply love on them and tell them how much God loves them. A majority of them have different psychological diagnoses, including ADHD, and they come with such intense medication. I know that most of them don't need the meds they're on, but of course, I had to give them anyway (I was the camp nurse for a while.) I wish that the parents could understand that time, attention, and the occasional discipline is more of an answer than meds. I particularly liked how you said you didn't want yur son to use ADHD as an excuse for his behavior. I hear so many kids say, "I can't help it. I have ADHD." We try to tell them that they have a choice in their behavior. Oftentimes, they leave the weekend or the week in the summer with a bit more self-control and confidence. We have so many school counselors and social workers tell us how different the kids are when they leave. You keep ministering to your son and letting God be his (and your) Counselor. I will do the same here at Youth Haven.


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