Thursday, January 3, 2008

To Do List 2008

Ok - most of us make some kind of New Years Resolution each year even if we don't actually give it that name. I for one did not make any "official resolutions", but there are a few things I would like to work on in 2008. I am flawed. I need work. The good news is that I am also a child of the Most High God and I stand on His Promises that all things are possible and that I am made new through Christ who strengthens me - let me just jump off to the side here for just a minute - does it get any better than that ???? Hello ? Why would anyone choose not to choose Christ ? Ok...all better now.... so we have established that I am not perfect - that there may be a few areas where I need a little TLC. In those areas that I am aware of (there are likely several which I am yet clueless of) is where my to do list is formed. One thing that I know that I know is that if I am in His Will and spending time in relationship with Him each day that all answers to my petitions and prayers are Yes and Amen. So my thinking here is that I must get that part of me in better order before I can effectively move on to other items on the list. I have a confession to make (my Catholic roots are showing) I did not read my bible and pray each and every day of 2007 !! pause....... a moment........... and wait for the lighting to strike - ok I'm good...let me finish that confession by referring back to the earlier statement - "I am flawed" . I do have a heart to please my Father and I do have a desire to relationship with Him - I just have not figured out yet the right combination of ingredients that give me the success I would like to see in those areas. It is hard sometimes when you are homeschooling a wonderful, special, energetic, charming, talkative, talkative - did I mention talkative handful like the Lord has blessed me with in my Boy Wonder. Then of course there is the desire to nurture The Principal, Wonder Boy, hearth, home and get in shape, do my nails once in a while, read a book, do a little scrapbooking, make time for friends - the list goes on and on - you get the picture. SO my big plan for 2008 is to get things worked on in the most vital area first - HIM. I came across a link about two weeks ago that was to an online Bible Study where the plan is to read through the bible chronologically this year - so I checked it out and made the decision to participate. Granted, it has only been 3 days but let me tell you the fire in my belly for the Word of God over the past 3 days has been
phenomenal !! The comments and community that already seem to be emerging are such a blessing and encouragement to dig deeper and learn ever more - so I wanted to share this "find" and invite you to take a look see.

It is my prayer that in 2008 a few items are scratched off of all of our To Do Lists !!

Stop being content with less than God's best!!


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Kate McDonald said...

Thanks for adding the button and ETJ 08 site! And thanks (even more) for adding your words of wisdom!

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