Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Every Day is Labor Day

It's Tuesday and let me share what I am grateful for.......take a minute to visit Laura at Heavenly Homemakers and see what others are sharing today as well ;-)

Happy Labor Day to me ;-) We spent Labor Day letterboxing and adventuring and just generally poking around in the hills of Tennessee. It was to my great delight that we ended up in Etheridge, TN where there is a relatively large Amish community. I love all things Amish, of course I love electricity and being able to express myself a little too much to ever be Amish, but I have what some might consider an odd fascination with the people and their customs and ways. Needless to say I was giddy when we saw buggy after buggy making their way along the road - neat stuff - for me it really is all about the little things......anyway.....I am pretty sure that the Amish do not take a day to observe and rest from their labors other than of course Sunday which is not a special occasion thing but a weekly observance we would all do well to think about more often (see what I mean about expressing myself?). We stopped at a place to get some goodies and I found something that made me want to spend money - very few things have the ability to do this........I beckoned The Principal to come and see what I found......and he smiled and said "It's yours" what could be more fitting on Labor Day I ask you?? I for one see nothing wrong with looking cutie pie while laboring - well I may not be able to pull that off entirely at my advanced age and weight BUT every little bit helps right?? I did take a few pictures actually wearing the apron with the help of my staff , however in the interest of the cutie pie illusion - this one made the final cut.


Tracey said...

I'm not typically an apron person, but that's beautiful!!

Jessica G said...

I love it. So darn cute. Amish are fascinating. We're surrounded here in Virginia, nicer people do not exist. :)

Leisha said...

Jess - as soon as I got it home - I was looking at how it was made and thinking......hmmmm I bet I can do this.....HA!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Want it. Plan to steal it next time I'm over. ;>)
What a great little adventure.

Kristie @ Me and My House said...

I <3 Etheridge. I'm hoping to visit there in the next week or twon.

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