Friday, December 21, 2007

Let The Games Begin.........

If you blog you know that getting started is the hard part - or so it seems to me at this point in the process. I am rarely at a loss for words but when I sit at my laptop with the "OK - it's time stance", I freeze. This morning I decided rather than be distracted away to some other "important" project I would "just do it". spite of myself I am going to get this blog going - any prayers to that end are most appreciated! Introductions are probably a good starting point - being the manners police that I am ;-) I am Leisha, 43 yr. old Mom to Wonder Boy, the 6 yr. old apple of my eye. We have been homeschooling for a year now after a tragic 3 months in the local public school system. The transformation in our child and family in the past year has been one of the richest blessings in my life! When we decided to withdraw our son from public school and bring him home, I asked The Lord to give me wisdom to handle the situation. He has done that and more - what He has also given me has been an over pouring of complete joy in the process that I didn't anticipate - my heart is captured and I am so grateful that we took the leap of faith that we did !!
OK so that is a little foundation - the rest will come out as the stories unfold I suspect - but just to give you a little more to chew on for now - my Husband aka "The Principal" is a wonderful wonderful man that literally rescued Wonder Boy and I from a sad and pitiful existence ;-) We will celebrate out 3rd anniversary in February 2008 and it seems like we have already shared a lifetime of love. That we are living the life we are living is truly by His Grace is my prayer that a day does not pass that I am not mindful of where my Heavenly Father has brought me from and the endless blessings that are a part of our daily life.
Well, there, I guess I have officially thawed......Stay tuned - the plot thickens !! ;-)
Be Blessed By His Endless Goodness Today !

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