Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart

My Husband aka The Principal is truly my Prince......tomorrow is our 3rd anniversary and we have quite the day planned - we are planting our 2nd letterbox at The Walls of Jericho and spending the day hiking - I think it is a 7 mile (pray for me) hike so it will be a full day! Of course there will be pictures and a post to follow, but today while I am home I wanted to take this opportunity to honor my wonderful Husband publically and thank him for the last 3 fantastic years - who knew marriage could be so great??

He has taught me so much about love and friendship over the last three years - and even before that I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with such a precious gift. We have grown into a very solid little family unit over the past three years and I am often reminded of Ecclesiastes 4:12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. This has been so true for me and our life.

I have spent much time in sweet thoughts of where we were 3 years ago and remembering the cherished memories of that day barefoot on the beach in Ocho Rios, Jamaica when we made our covenant before the Lord - Thank You Honey for taking Wonder Boy and I under your wing, for being such a fine example of what a man is to our son and for loving me like Christ loves the church - you are one of life's greatest blessings and I pray that this is one of many many more Happy Anniversaries to come - I Love You Deeply........


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meatball Alert

Before I go any further I just want to know - has anyone ever been warned that making meatballs could be dangerous ? I have been racking my brain and accessing the "meaty" file on kitchen rules - do's and don'ts and have not been able to locate any meatball information whatsoever!! I guess this should make me feel better that I did not blatantly disregard any long standing kitchen wisdom - however let me officially enter this one into to record books for the generations of young women to come - never make meatballs while talking on the phone.
Ok - now - let me tell you what happened - yesterday after Wonder Boy and I finished lunch I began preparation for dinner - I was trying a new recipe from this amazing cookbook that I have made about 10 or so recipes from and every single one of them has been great - but I digress - rabbit trail be gone - ooh no - the ADHD is contagious??!! SO I was prepping the meatballs to load them up in the crock pot when the phone rang. Wonder Boy was taking a break upstairs while I got dinner going so I actually has a few minutes to catch up with a friend. We were chatting and I had the phone cradled on my shoulder and held in place with my ear and head crooked to the side - you know the position. I was happily giggling, chatting and rolling out cute little porcupine meatballs, when all of a sudden I must have put a little too much twist in my rolling and I wrenched my back!! The pain was instant and awful!! I could not take a deep breath or move very easily at all - I set the phone down and tried to stretch it out - nothing. Needless to say I got off the phone and finished the rolling process with much more care and attention. I was in pain!! After an hour or so things had not improved at all and I called the woman I teach with at church on Wednesday nights to let her know I was not going to be there. I got a long hot shower and that felt better while I was in it but it really didn't provide any lasting affects. So I stayed home and took it easy last night while the men folk went to church - I watched bad tv (I have to remember to repent for that today - wife swap!! puhleeze!!) and lounged on the sofa. When the boys got home I made us a mug of hot chocolate and we went outside to watch the lunar eclispe - sadly there were too many clouds for us to see much. I was not able to get much comfort in bed and this morning although it feels a little better I still am in some discomfort and pain if I am not cautious in how I move.
Ladies, in the spirit of Titus 2 I feel it my duty to encourage you in one of the little know facets of kitchen safety - meatballs are serious business!! Give them your full attention and range of motion - unless of course you are equipped with a Blue Tooth........;-)

By the way - the Porcupines were pretty good.
One last thought - nothing normal ever happens to me by the way - stay tuned !!
In His Care,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Letterboxing Lessons 101

I love how God can take a simple day and turn it around into an extraordinary one without warning don't you ? We had a field trip with our homeschool group last week to the Hands On Science Center in Tullahoma, TN (which was a wonderful surprise that the kids really really enjoyed by the way).

At the conclusion of the field trip we said our goodbyes to head off in search of hidden treasures ;-) The Principal had plotted out 3 letterboxes hidden relatively close to where we were going to be - the first 2 boxes were hidden in the same wooded area on two separate hiking trails. It was a beautiful crisp winter day and we hiked along talking, laughing, sometimes having to get on to Wonder Boy for attacking an innocent tree - you know what I'm talking about. Toward the end of the hike, after successfully adding 2 more stamps in our logbook, we were on our way back to the trial head, I was in the lead and everyone was quite - I was thinking about how blessed I was to be here doing what I was doing. Hard as it is for me to imagine, it had only been a little over 3 years ago that I was a single Mom, working full time and doing the best that I could to keep things together from day to day.......and now.....hiking on a beautiful winter afternoon - a Friday - a work day no less and with my wonderful heaven sent Husband and Son, whom I am now blessed to be homeschooling.
God has been so faithful in my life even in the times I did not honor Him as I should have because I was caught up in my own "stuff". Moments later Wonder Boy whizzed past challenging the Principal to a foot race - I smiled and gave Thanks for the bond that has been established between Father & Son as the two of them raced past me and the silence dissolved into laughter and testosterone.
Back in the car we warmed up and made our way to the last site for the day as we followed the clues in hand. We were on a back country road and could not imagine much of anything being where we were - the above picture was taken at the trail head where we parked and look at what we found as we followed the clues that led us to the final box of the day......

There she stood at the edge of the cliff overlooking the water below - we approached from behind her and had to climb around her to see what she looked like. She seemed to welcome us and watch over us as we climbed down the incline to the hidden treasure below. This was such a beautiful place and I can only imagine how pretty it much be when things are green and lush - we will likely visit her again - she just made me happy ;-)

So, what started out as an ordinary day doing the "field trip thing" turned into a small glimpse of God's Hand in my life and a precious reminder of all the wonders He put here on this earth for us to enjoy and behold each day - and the best part of all is that He orchestrated it just for me because He loves me so much - I can't think of any reason it could get any better than that!!

Wrapped in His Blessings,

Saturday, February 9, 2008

100th Day of School

We recently celebrated our 100th day of 1st Grade !! Wonder Boy had really been looking forward to it and since this was my first time dealing with it I was a little unsure of what to do. I over planned and probably won't have to prepare anything else until he starts High School now, but we had such a wonderful day that I wanted to share it.......

The day began with Opening Ceremonies - what kind of "Whiteboard Mom" would I be without a little opening whiteboard ceremony........Wonder Boy awoke to the annoucement bright and early that this was the 100th day of school !We started the day off with Science by putting 1oo ice cubes in a dish and "guesstimating" where the water line would be when they melted. It took until dinner to get that mystery solved but Wonder Boy was not too far off ;-)

The we moved on to Art with The Great Paper Chain Event - this was good fun - took a little longer than I had anticipated and it was certainly much longer than I had thought it would be - from the bottom of the stairs all the way up and halfway into one of the bedrooms!! What a chain it was - we liked it so much I have it hung up in the office until it gets too faded or dusty to continue to bring any pleasure ;-)

By this point in time we were a little peckish and decided it was time for Math with The 100 Day Trail Mix Extrodinaire Project - we built ourselves a bag of yummies with ten each of ten items - quite nice - all healthy too except for the chocolate chips and there were only 10 afterall!!
We geared down for the day with a History lesson about what was taking place in Alabama 100 years ago. Our final subject of the day was P.E. when we headed out of the house to see how far 100 steps took us from our home both by walking, running and just counting to 100 and walking.
And that was our day - great fun and a nice change of pace - I can't imagine not being able to homeschool - the Lord is blessing us so much in our efforts and we are continuing to celebrate wonderful successes as we journey with Him.
The Lord Bless You & Keep You,

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