Monday, August 30, 2010

Quiet Time, Coffee & Butter Churns

WonderBoy may very well be the King of Random.....allow me to elaborate. This morning while I was 'trying' to have my quiet time, after interruption 16.5 I asked WonderBoy if he would mind filling up my coffee. He sweetly brought the pot into the study where I was sitting and as he was pouring me a fresh cup said "Hey Mom, would you like a butter churn for your birthday"?

Learning as I go,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prayer Box Sunday

Sunday, specifically our Prayer Box/Devotional time is quickly becoming a much anticipated and treasured time for our family. I can feel God weaving our hearts to Him and each other and it just blesses my socks off!! Really - I am honestly barefoot! If you are new here and would like to know about Prayer Box Sunday pop over here and get caught up.
We are really digging in to our current Family Devotional, Character Building for Families and have been enjoying digging deeper into God's word together each week. Three days seems to be a good schedule and is working well - if anything more would be better than less.
This week's prayers are focusing on WonderBoy more than anything else - I love how God orchestrates a theme of sorts each week! The Principal and I are both praying for WonderBoy. My prayer is for his future wife! Do you pray for your future sons/daughters in law? I have done this for years - after all she will be the woman who captures his heart and raises my grandchildren - she will be the woman to whom I hand over the baton in a sense ....and truthfully - I KNOW she will need my prayers!! Better to start now right? ;-) In all seriousness, I feel very strongly about this kind of prayer. God hears prayers from a mother's heart for her family and they can change future generations!! This is one of those prayers in the box that is a given in my opinion but at the same time a good reminder of how we can bless our family by paving the way for them in prayer.
The Principal has a rather fitting prayer task this week. A little background is necessary here. For those that do not know me and my family personally - we are a family brought together by God - The Principal became WonderBoy's Dad when we married 5 years ago. WonderBoy still maintains a relationship with his 'Daddy' however it has it's share of challenges and struggles for him. SO.....this week the Principal is praying for healing in the relationship that WonderBoy has with his 'Daddy' - how cool is that? One Dad blessing the other in prayer!!
WonderBoy is praying for a dear family who moved away from the area several years ago that we used to attend church with, The Beasley Family. Sending love and prayers to Kentucky this week for The Beasleys ;-)
Our family prayer this week is one close to my mother's heart. We are praying for Jeison. Jeison became a member of our family several years ago now when we began sponsoring him through Compassion International. Jeison is just 2 months younger than WonderBoy and lives in Columbia. We have been delighted by the relationship that has grown with him over the years. If you have ever considered sponsorship through Compassion or any other organization, let me encourage you to move forward with it, what a wonderful way to grow a heart for the nations in your own children, by reaching out and loving others around the world!!
Again this week you will find Mr. Linky available for you to link up your post if you feel so inclined. I have heard from a few of you that you are getting ready to join in - I will be so thrilled to have you share your Prayer Box adventures with us whenever you are ready.
Have a wonderful week......see you next Sunday!!

Learning as I go,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things Around Here Are Gonna Change!!!

.........And I am more excited than I can begin to tell you!! I have WON a blog make-over from Lisa at My Trendy Blogs!! I never win anything - I am thrilled!! I couldn't believe it when I saw my name in big bold letters on her blog ;-) SO....out with the old and in with the new - always good to have new scenery once in a while. Timing couldn't be better either - I have been fiddling here and there around here and hoping to try and figure a few things out - now here comes Lisa to the rescue !! In fact this winning thing is so much fun I may have to look into a way to pay it forward......hmmm........stay tuned!!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prayer Box Sunday

Well - I feel a little like Mary Tyler remember she used to have these parties and they ended up being duds? My great anticipation for a wonderful outpouring of Prayer Box participants was....well, let's just say ended quite sadly. Alas, I will not be discouraged, this is not about how many people connect to the post or even how many choose to participate, rather sharing what God is doing in this time together each Sunday in the hopes of being a blessing and encouragement to just one. SO in the spirit of sharing and encouraging I will press on.....I will continue to post the Mr. Linky each week just in case someone does want to share their post and also because I spent the money to make it available so why wouldn't I do that right? For those of you who are not yet familiar with what Prayer Box Sunday is you can get the details here. Get your Prayer Box ready and join us!!

Today we had a wonderful devotional time as we dug into a new resource that we hope to use a few days a week and will include in our Prayer Box Sunday time as well. If you are looking for a good straight forward tool for Character Training may I suggest Character Building for Families. A dear friend in Maine sent me her copy of Volume 2, a ' pay it forward' act of kindness with the intention of blessing our family the way it had been a tool of blessing to hers. I ordered Volume 1 which is reasonably priced and it came very quickly! This is a great resource which can be used any way you want to use it. It is ideal for families of any size and can be used as a daily homeschool curriculum or as a devotional tool, which is how we plan to use it -as many or as few days per week as you chose to use it. I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences with it if you are familiar with it!
SO......on to what the Prayer Box held for our family this week. We have some great prayers this week and I am really looking forward to what God does with them!! Our family prayer focus this week is directed at me.....we will all be praying for my character (feel free to join us - I welcome these prayers as God helps to mold me into who He has called me to be!!), The Principal is praying for me too as his prayer is to pray for my writing - a deep rooted and long dreamed of desire which coincidentally I just this past week committed to on a level that I have not done in many many years. Are you seeing the pattern here? My character, my writing, all on the Sunday of the week that I made a commitment to myself and my writing. I used to believe in coincidences - I no longer do - God is the Master Weaver, He knows every thread He weaves, He knows where it will go and what it will look like when all the threads are woven together! This will be a tapestry I will look forward to seeing the results of ;-) WonderBoy has a pretty awesome prayer focus for this week and it will hopefully get him thinking outside the 'traditional' prayer request mind set just a little. He is praying for Generational Curses this week. We spent a little bit of time talking about what that meant and how it can manifest in families and individuals. My prayer for the week really blesses my heart, I am praying for our Family Time ;-) I love to have my family together sharing an activity, game or project so this is something that I will roll up my sleeves and jump into gladly!
Please feel free to share what was in your boxes, bags, old lunch boxes or any other prayer holders you may have used. Mr. Linky is here and I would be tickled if you used him!!
Learning as I go,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prayer Box Sunday

Welcome!! I am so excited about the journey that lays ahead for each of us and our families as we venture forth with our boxes, bags, jars, hats or whatever else creative genius inspires, filled with prayers that will draw us closer to each other and our Magnificant Creator !!!
So..... let me just jump right in and tell you about our devotion and prayer time. We talked today about 'Jesus Love' the kind of love that loves even when it is hard and not what comes naturally. We talked about how we all know people that we have a hard time being nice to and feeling much love towards and then we talked about how we can show that 'Jesus Love' to them even when it's hard or we just flat out don't want to. The good news here is that the more we purpose to be like Him the more we draw oursleves to Him!! Go ahead and add an extra prayer to your regular prayer time for someone who in the flesh you have been hurt by or for whatever reason just do not like - I dare you! If you will commit to consistently pray for them for a period of time say one month, I would venture to say that you will no longer feel the animosity and disdain for them that you did when you began praying for them - in fact - I would go so far as to say that your heart has been softened to them and that you are loving then with a 'Jesus kind of Love' !!
Our prayers for this week are varied. WonderBoy is praying for my family in Canada, The Principal is praying for Peace & Harmony in Our Home (sorry if you were under the mistaken illusion that we have that at all times - we don't, but we sure love it when we do so praying for more seemed like the logical thing to do), I am praying for Our Public Servants - Military, Police, Paramedics, School Bus Drivers & Crossing Guards and anything else that the Lord brings to mind this week. As a family we have another great one this week!! The Lord seems to really bring those to us to share each week and I love that! We are praying for Our Relationship with Him ;-) Both as a family and individually, isn't that a great Family Prayer?? ;-)
WonderBoy did a wonderful thing this week by reaching out in love to a boy in his Wednesday night class at church who tends to be a bit of a bully to the other kids. This plan was formulated during our time together last Sunday, when we talked about Zacchaeus and how unepected kindness is a wonderful way to share the good news of God's love. WonderBoy chose to walk out an unexpected kindness and he was the one who ended blessed by it. This is the fruit we seek for ourselves and our children - this is the fruit that brings a sweet fragrance and a smile to the face of the One who made us!
I will leave this up for whenever you feel led to participate -please link your post here and share what your Prayer Box had for you and your family today!! We all need to encourage each other in our journeys, you never know when what you have to share may be just what someone needs! God is just like that!! ;-)
Learning as I go,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's Tuesday - what are you thankful for? Visit Laura at Heavenly Homemakers and see what others are counting their blessings for today.......
It is so easy to get caught up in the yuck and struggle of day to day, far better off are those who can find a smile in the pleasure of the ordinary and simple. I have purposed to become with God's help a seeker of the ordinary splendor in the blessings that surround me each day. This morning while enjoying my quiet time and wonderful rich cup of coffee a flock of Canada Geese - about 30 of them honked their way above the house. We have been in a flight path apparently in the past week or so and they are so wonderful to watch as they just barely clear the roof tops and happily announce themselves. This is the kind of ordinary splendor to which I am intentionally tuning my radar.....and this......

..... sweet unexpected smiles, silliness, a home filled with love and a family who delights in random acts of love and goofiness that put smiles on each other's faces. That is what I am thankful for today - and everyday.
By way of reminder - I hope you are working on having your prayer boxes, bags, jars, hats or whatever you have in mind to use ready to help me launch Prayer Box Sunday this week!! If you have not read my previous post - take a minute before you move on and do so - and then get ready and join us this Sunday! I am excited to see what God will do with this - it was His idea after all so you know it can't help but be wonderful!!

Learning as I go,


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Prayer Box Sunday

Allow me to share something with you that our family has been doing for about a month now. It is my hope that by sharing this I will be able to encourage and inspire you in your walk with God to help build stronger families and memorable family time together.

A little over a month ago The Principal and I were talking about the spiritual climate of our home and our desire to grow our family a little deeper still in our walk with the Lord. During this conversation the Lord downloaded an idea that we have given legs to and been enjoying ever since. A Prayer Box. Here's how it works.....first the whole family spent about an hour or so talking about all the things we feel we need to and would like to pray about. I recorded these prayers on slips of paper and folded them in half and put them in a lovely wooden box that I bought at Hobby Lobby several years ago - use your imagination here - anything that holds slips of paper will work! The plan is to add to the box as inspiration and need dictate.

Every Sunday now, we gather together with our Prayer Box and each of us will draw a slip of paper which will determine our individual prayer focus for the week ahead. Then one of us (usually Wonder Boy) will draw a second slip of paper which will reveal our family prayer focus for the week.

Let me share with you our prayers for the week ahead....The Principal is praying for his co-workers, Wonder Boy is praying for family members in Virginia, I am praying for Our President and our family prayer focus for the week is ministry opportunities (how awesome is that one?!!). So each night we will come together and pray as a family at bedtime and then remember these prayers as well in our individual prayer time. Next Sunday we will meet again to select new prayers for the coming week at which time we will pray our prayers from the week just past as well as the week ahead. This is also a great time to talk about anything else that may have a special need. We also use this as a lead in or wrap up to a family devotion which typically ends up being a great time to talk and share and plant seed with Wonder Boy.

Today as we were praying I was thinking how special this time was and how wonderful it would be if I could share it with others so in that spirit, I would like to invite you to join us. This has quickly become a favored and anticipated time for our family each week. I would love to know that others are also coming together and sharing this wonderful family and faith building time.

Between now and next Sunday, get your box, jar, bag or any other paper slip holder and your slips of paper ready and I will, in the mean time figure out the whole how to add the linky thingy to a post (feel free to email me with help if you know how) and we can share and encourage each other - sound like a plan?? Great! See you then - it's a date!! Please feel free to invite anyone you think would be interested to participate - let's link arms (posts) and encourage and inspire each other to build our family in faith for Kingdom Purpose!!
Learning as I go,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not For The Faint of Heart...

Chocolate Gravy!! Oh My!! I have lived for 45 years and never had or heard of Chocolate Gravy.....until yesterday. I don't considered myself to have led a very sheltered life in any way shape or form, but apparently my chocolate education was lacking - was being the operative word - I feel that it is now complete.
We had a lovely breakfast today of biscuits and gravy..... Chocolate Gravy - Oh My!! I cannot possibly keep this gem to myself - I know that there have to be others out there living in Chocolate Gravy Oblivion as I was - be free!!! Get your biscuits in the oven right this minute and a pot of the stove - do not wait, the time of day does not matter. Do it!! Really!! You will thank me........
Chocolate Gravy.....Oh My!!
3/4 cup sugar (I will use a little less next time)
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon (optional - I used it)
1/4 tsp cayenne (optional - did not use)
2 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 TBLS butter
Mix sugar, flour, cocoa powder, salt and cinnamon & cayenne if using together in a sauce pan. Add milk and whisk over medium heat until mixture thickens. Remove from heat, stir in vanilla extract and butter and serve immediately over biscuits, croissants, waffles, thick sliced french toast - the possibilities are wonderful ;-)
Top with chopped pecans, hazelnuts, cocoa powder, confectioner's sugar or anything else that floats your boat.
Oh and by the way, although we did not have any, it was unanimous that strawberries would be a very nice side nibble.
This is destined to be on the 'special breakfast' menu - Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Arbor Day - you get the idea ;-)
Bon Appetit!!
Learning as I go,

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