Monday, December 15, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......finally!!

I was not feeling the Christmas vibe much at all a week or so ago and so as a result had NO desire to get the tree up or the house decorated. Well, The Principal would not allow the hum bug to set in and last Sunday we trimmed the tree, house and anything else that would stay still long enough. I am so glad we did - it helped run the hum bug off wonderfully ;-)

This morning while blog hopping I saw that BooMama is hosting 2008 Christmas Tour of Homes again this year and I was inspired to participate - I never do these Mr. Linky things because to be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure how they work - and truthfully, I still don't know, but I'm jumping in and going to give it a here without any further delay is our home as it sits ready to welcome those who bless us with their company as we prepare and delight in celebrating the birth of our Awesome Lord & Savior.......welcome.......the stockings are hung.....

I love our fireplace - I have never lived in a home with a wood burning fireplace and have always wanted to cuddle up by the fire with my sweetheart - now I can and it is more wonderful than I even imagined it would be. We completely re-did the mantle and tile on ours right before we were married - many happy memories are tied to this hearth ;-)

When we were looking at houses - I fell for a house that had these cute lighted niches but was otherwise not at all what we wanted - The Principal assured me that he could build me a lighted niche in any house we bought - and he true to his word he did - this is what happens in the niche at Christmas.

Now - this guy - well he does not make an appearance every year - last year he was on sabbatical - Wonder Boy was kind of creeped out by him - but this year I got the all clear - I think he is wonderful and I am glad to see him. Then there is this little man "Elfie" as he has come to be known over the years. He has held a place of honor on the top of my Christmas trees since I was maybe 3 years old - many, many years ago for those who are keeping track ;-) This timepiece is one of my favorite ornaments - no special reason it just makes me smile and feels like Christmas to me somehow.

Santa was given to me by a friend who I truly treasure so this is one of my Christmas treasures now and it has found a regular spot here each year.

This beautiful Christmas cactus was a gift several years ago from my dear sweet neighbor across the street - she called one late chilly fall afternoon and told me that "Grandpa" needed a home that she did not have room for him inside this year - I was proud to give him a place to live - his beauty is a gift that continues to give.

And last but not you have one of these in your tree? We had to re-locate our tree to the room with french doors this year - he's a trip ;-)

That concludes our tour....thanks for stopping by to take a look - please leave a comment and let me know you came by ;-)

May God richly bless each of your families with joy and peace during this wonderful, magical season.

Learning as I go,


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It is about the gift......the first gift

In our curriculum with Ambleside Online we read a new poem each day. Ambleside has compiled a wonderful collection of poetry which has become one of my favorite parts of our school day - allow me to share today's with you........

Christmas Carol
by Sara Teasdale, 1884-1933

The kings they came from out the south,
All dressed in ermine fine,
They bore Him gold and chrysoprase,
And gifts of precious wine.
The shepherds came from out the north,
Their coats were brown and old,
They brought Him little new-born lambs--
They had not any gold.
The wise-men came from out the east,
And they were wrapped in white;
The star that led them all the way
Did glorify the night.
The angels came from heaven high,
And they were clad with wings;
And lo, they brought a joyful song
The host of heaven sings.
The kings they knocked upon the door,
The wise-men entered in,
The shepherds followed after them
To hear the song begin.
And Mary held the little child
And sat upon the ground;
She looked up, she looked down,
She looked all around.
The angels sang thro' all the night
Until the rising sun,
But little Jesus fell asleep
Before the song was done.

Learning as I go,

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Test Driving a New Coat

Does it get any better than getting a new coat one night and a snowfall the next morning when you are seven? Based on Wonder Boy's reaction I think not. We ordered a new coat for him from LL Bean which arrived over the weekend while he was visiting his Dad for Thanksgiving. You know the excitement of getting something delivered by the FedEx truck just for you when you are kid is almost uncontainable - well he had me checking the shipping status each day and when we realized that he would not be here when the coat arrived - well let's just say he was not thrilled. He asked us to please not open the coat and just leave the package for him on his bed - no problem son, done deal. SO....when his Dad brought him home on Sunday evening he was barely in the door before he ran upstairs to get his package and unveil his new coat. Great fit -looked sharp - now all he needed was some weather to take it for a spin and he was all set.
The following morning as we were finishing breakfast we were looking out the window and noticed the rain was getting solid looking - eureka!! MOM IT'S SNOWING!!!! CAN I GO OUTSIDE ????? Ok son, just for a few minutes we have to get started with school for the day (what an old stick in the mud I am I know - I grew up in Canada and really didn't understand how big of a deal this was at the moment - after all - it wasn't real snow). He was ready in a shot and out the door - he got as much snow as he could in the 17.43 minutes that it snowed and had the time of his life. He came in rosy cheeked and announced in no uncertain terms - "That is the most fun I have had in my seven years of life". Wow. If only I had known - I have access to snow and places to stay every winter - it's shameful - what kind of Mother am I?

3 in 1 from Coat LL Bean...............................$80.00
Snowfall from Heaven....................................Gift from Father God
Most Fun of Wonder Boys Life .....................Priceless

Learning as I go,

Monday, December 1, 2008

One More Thankful Thing.......

I know, I know, I am in denial !! It's time to prepare for Christmas....ok and I will BUT - before I forge forward - I just have one last thing to share. Wonder Boy is all about a party - the planning, the decorating, anything that he can contribute on a crafty or creative level - count him in! He did a great job coloring this pilgrim gal this past week during our mini unit study about the Pilgrims, the Mayflower and the roots of Thanksgiving. He really enjoyed learning about how the Pilgrims lived and about the Wampanoag Indians, but of course we had to "make" something that we could share - that is the most important part of the planning - there has to be a gift or a card or food of some kind to share with others ( I love his heart!!).....SO...we made these yummy Pilgrim Hats that Wonder Boy was able to take to his Dad's house and share with their family while he was there over the weekend. They were great for The Principal and I as well ;-) They are really good slightly cold from the fridge by the way!! OK - I'm ready now - look out Christmas here I come!
Learning as I go,

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