Thursday, January 15, 2009

Biblical Community for Our Kids

About 2 years ago in my online travels I came across something called the Daily Audio Bible - it turned out to be a podcast produced out of Nashville by a guy who works in the recording business - God had laid it on his heart to read through the bible in a year and share it with whoever came forth to listen. Well over the last several years it has become a thriving community and this year, Brian Hardin has brought his 11 year old daughter China on board and together they are serving up the Daily Audio Bible for Kids. The vision for this is to bring the bible alive to kids in a safe environment where they can share their thoughts, prayer requests and help each other grow in Christ through the online forums set up for kids as well as a toll free number that they can call and their calls can be included in the future podcasts. The podcasts can be download daily through iTunes or you can listen in daily online. We have started listening in the mornings as a great starting point for our school day. Attention spans are not too stressed as the podcasts are short at 10 - 15 minutes, they are well done, professionally produced and the camaraderie between father and daughter is a sweet addition - it's wonderful to hear the pride and mentoring that this dad is imparting into the ministry being birthed out of his 11 year old daughter. China is sweet and does a great job in her own right - Wonder Boy and I are really enjoying these as a great part of our homeschool day and just couldn't keep it to ourselves!!!

Learning as I go,

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