Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In The Weeds.....

Several years ago now a woman who worked for me part time was going through menopause which she described as "being in the weeds", although I am certainly at an age that makes me potentially eligible for that wonderful time of life, I don't claim it, I do however admit to being in the weeds.......that's where I have been as some of you have emailed to ask. I don't know what happened - one day everything was going along at it's normal pace of chaos and then BAM! I found myself tangled up in the weeds!
Does this ever happen to you? What do you do to get out ? I have been struggling to keep up....... school, blogging, parenting, taking proper care of myself, taking proper care of my sweet husband, books on loan from the library to read, letters to be written and just my responsibilities in general, not to mention the long long list of things I would love to have the time to pursue.
So....... I am physically weary and emotionally drained and feel defeated before the day really begins because my 'To Do List' is longer than I have time to really read and process. I would love to tell you I have it together and will be back up and running and you can look forward to a myriad of wonderful posts in the days ahead......I really would love to tell you that....here is the truth......I have lots of pictures taken and have lots of things to share. I have been baking Artisan Bread - WOW is all I can say about that right now. We have been on more field trips, we took a civil war train ride this past weekend, bought a new to us vehicle the weekend before that which we went to another state to get. I had a wonderful phone call from an old high school friend the day after my birthday which is still giving me cause to smile, I survived my birthday and yesterday we celebrated The Principal's birthday, did I mention I have been baking Artisan Bread?? (btw - has anyone ever had a Pampered Chef Pizza Stone crack in the oven while baking???) I have been cleaning and cooking and running errands and being a wife and mother and neighbor and friend and I am running on empty. Through it all I have to remember that I am a child of the King and in Him I live and breath and have my being and in all of this there are some wonderful stories of victory which I also want to share.....God is good - SO GOOD and without Him I would have nothing but defeat to share. I have a testimony over fear to share and plans for Thanksgiving in Virginia with family to prepare for and a giveaway to post and on and on.
So tell me, where shall I begin? What do you want to know about most, see pictures of and what wonderful pearls of wisdom can you offer.....oh and I have a new to us vehicle to name!! Cars in our family must have names, this is mandatory. We have had this vehicle over a week and she/he remains nameless - we have tried a few out for size but none are sticking......Bella didn't work, Pearl was not the one, Lily is next on the list.......Lucy and Chuck are in the driveway patiently waiting for the name of the new white big shot that just took over the garage......the list goes on.......oh and by the way....can anyone recommend a good non-toxic weed killer??? ;-)

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