Friday, December 21, 2012

New Things for a New Year

It has most assuredly been a long long time since I have stopped in here to touch much has been going on and as a result, I am launching a new blog.  I may still share a little here from time to time, that is yet to be determined.  My plans are to have my new baby up and running and fully functioning with the beginning of the new year.  I may post a little between now and then as time or leading allows, in any case, I wanted to formally invite you to visit my new home on the web.  Testimony in Progress will be a place where real reigns and sharing some of the hard things that God has graciously walked and loved me through is part of the fabric of my purpose. I want to dig deeper and work with you toward helping each other find healing and truth and most of all victory over what the enemy seeks to steal kill and destroy in our lives! I hope there will be something there that will keep you coming back - I miss you and I have so MUCH I want to share with you.  God is moving and you know how exciting and unexpected things can become in those circumstances.  Do come see me.....and say hello, as always, your comments and notes are a huge blessing! 
In the meantime, my heartfelt wishes to you and yours that this CHRISTmas is filled with the goodness and glory of our precious Lord and savior and that your time with family and friends is treasured and plentiful!
Merry CHRISTmas!

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